Popular Indie Rock Record Companies

Beggars Banquets Records

You have to hand it over to this awesome record label for spurring up the popularity of the contemporary Indie Rock, Indie Pop and Indie Punk Movements. They have collaborated with more than a hundred independent bands, and also acted as mediators to enable new talents to get in touch with established professionals in the industry. With the advent of independent record labels such as Beggars Banquets Records, it has become feasible for industry artists across the world to come forward and showcase their talents. It is one thing to talk of following your passion, but most people tend to give up as soon as they are faced with financial constraints or logistical issues. If not for record labels like the Beggars Banquet Records which encourage fresh and aspiring talent, we wouldn’t have had brilliant Indie Rock Bands like the Devastations coming to the forefront.

Brassland Records

Apart from Beggars Banquets, members of the Devastations Rock Band have also liaised with Brassland Records for epic sales of their albums. This New-York based label has been in operation since 2001, and it is almost been 2 decades to its flourishing as the epicenter of New York’s music scene. Somewhere down the line, Brassland is trying to strike a balance between the extreme pressures of a corporate music label on budding musicians, and the extreme independence of Indie Rock Bands of the 70’s and 80’s. They have several independent musicians and rock bands on their roaster, such as WS0 Taiwane and the scope remains open for further talents to join in.