More Popular Aussie Brands

  1. Russian Winters

This Perth-based band has been gaining popularity in the genre of Indie Rock over the last decade. Their pop singles like ‘Another Chance’ are often played on local Oz FM Channels and was even awarded with the title of the No.1 Australian Pop Song for the year 2008. Their last album was titled ‘Last Battles’ was released in September 2011, and witnessed smashing record success. As of today, the primary band members include Stephens Rob, Pete Evans, Kris Dimitroff (courtesy of whom the band derives its nomenclature of ‘Russian’) along with Trent Dhue and John Clark.

  1. The Thought Criminals

Talk of Australian Indie Punk Rock Bands, and ‘The Thought Criminals’ is what comes to mind that very instant. From the time they started in 1977, till the time they officially broke up in 1981, despite being short span of time, was very significant in the history of the Oz Punk genre. As they performed numbers like ‘Food for Thought Crimes’, ‘Red Fingers’ and ‘Flying Saucers’ live, punk fans were almost delirious with hysteria! Highly regrettable for getting out of operation so early, but they created quite a sensation while they were active.

  1. Little Scout

A local Australian Indie Rock Band that was formed in 2008 by vocalist Melissa Tickle, guitarist Nick Smethurst, Drummer Miro Mackie and multi-talented musician Patrick Elliott, Little Scout has been going strong all the way till today. The reason for their national and international success is the fact that they have a designated member Nick, who has been allotted the responsibility of organizing tours, and secondly they have collaborated with more popular Rock, Pop and Fusion bands like The Holidays, Clare Bowditch and Cloud Control to perform to larger crowds overseas. The biggest label that they have been associated with is MGM Distribution.