List of Popular Indie Rock Bands in Australia

  1. The Devastations

It was in early 2002 when Hugo Cran (ace drummer), Tom Carlyon (guitarist and piano player) and Standish Conrad (vocalist and bassist) came together to form an Indie Rock Band based in Melbourne, which went on to be immensely popular in times to come. Just within a short time span of 3 years from the band formation, the Devastations became proud recipients of the prestigious Australian Music Prize, and ever since then they have been touring Europe very frequently, performing independently as well at various combined rock shows and tours. Having signed up for the Beggars Banquet Labels, they have churned out one smashing hit after another, and have even performed at the AIDS Benefit organized by the label in 2009. Apart from rave reviews and massive outreach in Melbourne, the Devastations Indie Rock Band also boasts of a huge fan following in various parts of Europe.

  1. The Apartments

Formed way back in 1978,this band has not just mastered Indie Rock but has also dabbled and made headway into other genres such as chamber pop and jangle pop. Initially based in Sydney, the Apartments enjoy equal popularity across the UK and even France. In today’s day and age when bands get dismembered and broken up in a couple of years, the fact that the Apartments band members have stuck together and stayed strong for a record 39 years, is truly commendable. One of the main reasons for their longstanding success is their association with myriad record labels. Instead of remaining confined to one particular genre or label, they have multi-tasked their way to the top. Some of their successful collaborations have been with labels like The Box Tiger, Rough Trade, Glass, Riley Records, Able Label and Microcultures. Despite members quitting, the replacements have been strong enough to sustain the band for such a long time period.

  1. Mercy Arms

Talk of Mercy Arms, and the first thing that one feels is sad because the amazing band broke up within just 4 years of formation. Nevertheless, they have given some really fabulous performances, and all the credit goes to vocalist Thom Moore who really infused magic with his voice. His soul-flinching singles like ‘Julie’ and ‘Always’ have been smashing hits, thanks to his super-sexy voice!