Popularity of Indie Rock

As you look around, it is truly difficult to point out an art form where there is absolutely no nepotism. The same has been true for the music industry, especially with the advent of major corporations in the field.

Thomas Jones, from PopGive.com said, “From financing major deals to mass-producing and selling records, a handful of large companies completely controlled the music industry across the US and UK up till the 1970s. This was when something glorious happened. Slowly and steadily, a genre of music emerged, popularly known as Indie Rock, with local, but highly talented bands that wanted to break free of these shackles of nepotism.”

Significantly contributing to Alternative Rock, Indie Rock Bands emerged in various parts of the world, especially the West and widely grew in popularity. They stood apart from other popular bands in terms of their local popularity, prominence of live performances and abstinence of abiding by any commercial norms or labels. Laced in Alternative Rock, Indie Pop and Lo-Fi, these new-age Indie Rock Bands were rebels of their times. As two decades passed by and the 90s came in, there were further revivals seen with music genres like punk and grunge gaining mileage, and Indie Rock was absolutely at its peak.

The Transformation

With the advent of the internet in the late 90s, a golden opportunity was automatically laid open for Indie Rock Bands to make it big on a commercial scale as well, without having to rely on corporations at all. The entire music scene has gradually evolved since then, with records and cassettes giving way to MP3, MP4 and cloud storage today.

Today, YouTube and various other online venues have provided a level playing platform for all aspiring and talented bands to make it big, irrespective of any major financial or corporate backing. Thanks to the internet, local Indie Rock Bands have had their first taste of commercial success. It has therefore become a talking point, whether it is apt to use the term ‘Indie Rock’ today, since the terminology was short for ‘independent’, and that is partially not the case today. Yet, the term continues to be used, and Indie Rock Bands continue to soar in popularity across the world!